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Now you are able to protect all your advertising activity from bots, spies and competitors

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Become #1. Simply.

Use our cloud-based cloaking software with on-the-fly visitors filtration and AI-powered bots detection tools for make your advertising possible, more profitable and completely private.

It's as simple as 1-2-3:


Bots Detection by 75+ High-End Triggers

We don't use old-school triggers such as ip, user agent and cookies. Instead of this we collect full hardware IDs (includes accelerometer, battery charge level and gyroscope for mobiles) for unbeatable fingerprinting. At the same time we aggregate data from top bit user data providers includes behavioral activity, shopping history and other (private) datasets. We know about your users more than they know about themselves.

Already Ready. Instant Zero Setup Installation.

Just link your domain to our server's IP and get ready for use in ads links. That is. Zero setup. Everything (includes landing pages) will be generated automatically. Landing pages (with 100% unique HTML theme) on your domain will be generated automatically as well. SEO-friendly. Auto-adjusted for each keyword and auto-translated for each user on the fly.

0% False Positives. 100% Accuracy.
0.16s. Latency

Ultra-fast onion-based multistage filtration algorithm works more than you can expect. No one click will be loosed by mistake, no one bot will be allowed for visit, no extra delay for your redirects. Cloud distribution as it should be.
Cloaking Software

It Works. Simply.

Bye Bye Losers

Don’t lose clicks. Don't lose profit. Forget false positives. Forget slow redirects. Our cloud cloaker's latency is best on the market: 16ms only. Thanks to Google Cloud, Amazon EC2 and Digital Ocean for good job.

Robots is Here

Our cloaker charged with powerfull AI (includes machine learning stack). It works more and more better with each click on your ads, and continue to learn on the fly, specifically for your traffic source, geo, and audience. Actually, our database is perfect already. Thanks to our 1000+ users job.

With piece of Cloudflare

Get DDOS protection and auto-issued SSL certificate. For Free. No extra setup, all is already works, out of the box. Thanks to CloudFlare and Let's Encrypt for their job.

Privacy in Big Respect

No any 3rd party ever know what are you advertise, where and why. Yes, we are Singapore-based company. Thanks to Singapore for privacy protection and startup-friendly laws. Extra thanks to Bitcoin.

Bonus: 0% government fee or tax included in our pricing.

From Affiliates to Affiliates

From humans to humans. With in-house understanding how all this shit should work. Thanks to our CEO (Pablo Bablobar) with 15+ years of experience in IT&Marketing.

Bonus: pre-built-in Affiliate Marketing Offers

You Are Not Only Customer

You are not only the source of profit for us. Become a part of family, not just a customer. It's not all about the money here. It mean we can (and will) share our experience with our loyal customers in accounts production, ROI optimisation, moderation bypassing, affiliate offers selection, hiring workers for the conveyor construction and many other benefits. Thanks God.

Bonus: limited access to private Telegram/Skype chat with manually selected trustworthy people.

Ready? Steady. Go!

Just a couple of seconds separate you from getting ready for use in advertising links.
All you need to do is:

1. Register your domain name (for $0.88 with Namecheap.com or even for Free with Freenom.com)
2. Sign up to CloudFlare.com, select Free Plan, add you domain and configure CloudFlare's nameservers in your domain's control panel (link it to them).
3. Select pricing plan below and press "Start Now" button for adding domain to our system.

You'll receive IP address of our server which you'll need to set in CloudFlare's control panel (as "A" type record) for instant domain linking with our server.
After that you'll receive ready for advertising links within your domain and detailed instructions (directly on your domain's control panel)
includes step-by-step info regarding how to add your ads properly (it does not matters at what traffic source... we support all of them).


For test purposes (30 days).
Geo: 1 city per link*
Unlimited Links/Clicks
$5 Activation Fee

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+ Extended Logs.
Geo: 1 country per link*
Unlimited Links/Clicks
Price: $99/Month

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Geo/Langs: Unlimited
Unlimited Links
Price: $990/Month

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All our plans is the same excludes targeting functionality. For example, on Free plan you can target only 1 city at the time.
You'll still be able to use unlimited number of links within your domain with different cities,
but only 1 city in 1 link at the time (and users from all other cities in the World will be marked as bots).
You can create as much Advertising Campaigns in your traffic source as you like,
with different links and different geo-targeting settings (it's okay).
Keep in mind: Only Premium and Unlimited Plans includes full power of AI and behavioral datasets usage
(and extra logs includes full info regarding each visitor).
For extra information contact our support.

P.S. We will refund 100% of your payment if our cloaker will not work as you expected.

This is fake review and we placed it here for your better understanding that there are only one way to get real experience from usage of our cloaker for Adwords/Facebook/Bing etc - is to test it by your hands and your brain. No one successful affiliate marketer will ever share with you exact tools he used for get rich. Are you want to do it best? Do it yourself. Start free trial now and get real experience with no fake reviews or 3'rd party opinions which is not ever fair enough.

John Faketalker
John Faketalker
John Faketalker John Faketalker
Affliate Marketing Billionaire

No one adequate user (excludes $5 guys from Fiverr) of our cloaking service will share that he/she used it for get rid of bots in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing, Exoclick or any other traffic source. Especially in public. Does not matter what people talk, believe yourself only: test, test, test and then - test over, one more time. Try our cloaker, try competitor's cloakers, compare it and choose best solution for your advertising needs. Do not ever trust to testimonials like this. Choose the right one, which will help you to get more money from your online advertising, instead of blah-blah stories. Money talks, bullshit walks.

Peter Shmeter
Peter Shmeter
mgid Peter Shmeter
CEO of Affiliate Marketing team

Money Talks. Bullshit Walks.

579completely satisfied
loyal worldwide users
120+campaigns per day we run
ourselves in gambling niche
100%server uptime
since 2016
$1millionguarantee we'll not ever
sell/share any of your data
37min.takes adaptation
to new bots patterns
0employees are
in dusty offices

Extra Bonus: 100% Satisfaction Policy

We are promise to refund you 100% of your payment if our software
will not work for your advertising needs properly.
Yes, you got right, we are sure it works perfect and
guarantee it by cash, not only words.
Key targets:
Facebook cloaker
Google Adwords Ads Cloaker
Yandex Direct Cloaker
Bing Ads Cloaker

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